Frequently Asked Questions of Parents New to CLMS:


Q: Who do I contact if I have a question or desire to meet with my child’s teachers?

A: All general questions can be answered by our office staff. The school phone number is 860.443-2837. Questions needing teacher, counselor or administrative feedback will be directed immediately to the individual teacher, appropriate counselor, the Principal or the Assistant Principal. If a message is noted, all return calls are made within a reasonable amount of time and unless an emergency is indicated will be made after the school day has ended. Please know that your concern is our priority! Also, please feel free, at any time, to contact one of the teachers on your child’s team with any questions or concerns. Any team teacher can arrange a team meeting which occurs with all team teachers present. If you have a question specific to one teacher/class, please contact the teacher directly. To email any staff member, go to the staff directory on the website and select the email icon.

Q: Who can my son or daughter talk to if they have a question or a concern?

A: Any student, on any team, may talk confidentially with a teacher, a staff member, a counselor, or an administrator. Students may use their study hall time or homeroom time for general concerns or they may request a pass from any classroom teacher to go to the guidance office to discuss an urgent issue. Students can also visit the principal or assistant principal whenever needed.

Q: What is the role of a school counselor?

A: Mrs. Lloyd will work with grade 8 students, Mrs. Dolce will work with grade 6 students and Mrs. DiNatali will work with grade 7 students this year. Our school counselors work with each team to support students, parents, and teachers. Individual sessions are held with students to deal with social, emotional, or academic concerns. The counselors also meet with students in groups during study hall and lunch time to discuss study and organizational skills, peer-related issues, or teen issues in general.

Q: What is “Homeroom”?

A: Homeroom is always the first period of the day. During this period, attendance will be taken and students will watch the “Morning Announcements” where they will learn of the current activities happening throughout the school (after-school activities, fundraisers, etc.). 

Q: What is an “Agenda Book”?

A: All students are given a handbook/agenda book on the first day of school. The agenda book contains 2 important segments: the Parent-Student Handbook gives information regarding student life at CLMS and the agenda is a place to write daily assignments, organize assignments, set goals, and breakdown long-term project dates. Please review the handbook with your child upon receipt of the handbook. The handbook explains the important procedures and policies relevant to CLMS! During the first 2 weeks of school, administration will review the handbook section with the students at team assemblies. The teachers expect students to use the agenda portion to keep track of assignments on a daily basis. In the agenda book, you can also find important information such as the school calendar, the student code of conduct, the discipline code, and a listing of teachers by team.

Q: What should I do if my child is absent from school?

A: Please notify the Guidance Office at 860.437.6983 and let us know the reason for the absence. If your child is ill for two or more days, homework assignments may be requested (see handbook/agenda for more information). 

Q: What should I do if my child is late to school?

A: Please notify the Guidance Office at 860.437.6983 and let us know that your child will be late. Upon arrival, your child should check in at the main office. He/she will be given a pass to enter class.

Q: What do I do if my child needs to ride a different bus home?

A: A signed parent note is required for a student to ride a different bus; the information may not be accepted via telephone unless an emergency arises. Please include the date, your child’s name, the bus number they will be riding, and the name of the student that they will be going home with. Your son or daughter will turn the note in to his/her homeroom teacher and the guidance office will verify the note and check for bus capacity. Once verification occurs, a bus pass will be issued from the guidance office. Bus passes are processed by 10:00 a.m. unless an emergency arises. A bus pass is issued to signify to the bus driver that parent permission and school permission were granted for the change in bus. In the event a bus pass cannot be issued, parent notification will occur. 

Q: What after-school activities are offered to my child and how do we find out about them?

A: All students may participate in a wide variety of activities throughout the year which may include intramurals, athletic teams, drama club, yearbook, and student council. Athletic teams include track, cross country, volleyball, swimming and wrestling. Additionally, all 8th grade students have the opportunity to try-out for basketball and soccer. Urge your child to listen to the morning and afternoon announcements for details of these activities. Postings are also located on our “student message boards” located across from the Main Office and across from the Guidance Office. Sign-up and contact information can be viewed on the message boards! Checking the school website is also a very helpful tool:www.waterfordschools.org!

Q: How will we know what’s going on in the school?

A: There are several ways that information is conveyed:

  • The morning announcements are available online, parents may sign-up to receive announcements via email – sign-up is available on the website.
  • Each Teacher has a 'Teacher Page' on the web site and may post Class/Team information there.
  • If an important happening arises on your child’s team or is a school-wide event, a notice may be sent home with your son or daughter.
  • The school’s website also posts upcoming events. The homepage includes team information, teacher communications, homework information, and a variety of additional resources for parents and students.

Q: Will the students have recess?

A: No, recess is not a part of middle school life. However, P.E. classes are scheduled every other day for 52 minutes all year long!

Q: What can students eat for lunch?

A: The students have a choice of bringing their own lunch, getting a complete hot lunch or choosing from an á la carte selection which includes: salads, sandwiches, grinders, fruit, munchies, ice cream, milk, juice, desserts and more. Visit the “mealpay” system, www.mypaymentsplus.com for further information. It is an easy way for the students to buy lunch without worrying about bringing money every day. The menu and prices are posted on the bulletin board in the hallway outside of the main office and on our website.

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